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Hotel Baztan

Our hotel is right in the Baztan Valley, in the Navarrese Pyrenees, by Baztan’s Way of St James. It is surrounded by striking mountains, green fields dotted with traditional farm houses and leafy woods. A land of ancient traditions, interesting folklore, delicious food and spectacular architecture, with both noble and vernacular buildings.

This setting of spectacular beauty, with pleasant surroundings and a mild climate both in winter and summer, makes it the perfect place for all kinds of activities, whether cultural or in contact with nature.

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Hotel Baztan, You know what to choose

Hotel in the Baztan valley, right by Baztan’s Way of St James.

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Hotel Baztan*** Pamplona-France road, km. 52 - 31700 Elizondo Tel. +34 948580050 Fax. +34 948452323 - info@hotelbaztan.com | Legal Notice